An exclusive wine produced, harvested and vinified for 3 generations with respect for nature and fine awareness

100% genuine
100% genuine

3rd generation!

100% manual harvest method 100% manual harvest method. Tailored and careful harvest.
Not forces vinification Not forces vinification process
Customer care 24x7 customer care and delivery
Events and social responsibility Events and social responsibility
Marketing and research Marketing and research
Traditional method Traditional method in the cultivation process

The vine is woman!

Yesterday and today, father to daughters,
the vine is woman!

The vine is woman, the soul is "green", the love for the land and the territory turns pink.

1951 > until today > the 3rd generation

Bonetto Sisters: Antonella, Elisabetta, Elena.

Our working method

Ours wines, Our working method "Guide"

Our working method has been refined over the years and has been given to our staff as a "guide" for the entire production at La Callaltella. This is the only way we guarantee our tasters the greatest wines, DOC and IGT marked (that is of controlled and designed origin), from high quality and healthy grapes.

The barrique, wine flagman

The barrique, wine flagman

A special barricaded red wine, an exclusive choice for the content it preserves as for its strong character. It reminds strong healthy feelings, in memory of a special man who discovered and produced it, giving a precious gift to share.

The harvest method, exclusively hand-picked

The harvest method,
exclusively hand-picked!

For 70 years until today we have continued to maintain alive the tradition of the manual harvest method. This tailored and exclusive method allows us to make the best selection and collection of grapes, only when they are mature and perfected, obtaining top harvest results.

Veneto territory, historical street Postumia

Veneto territory, historical street Postumia

Il territorio della nostra Azienda Vinicola si estende su una superficie di 15 ettari nel territorio di San Biagio di Callalta Veneto, Italia. I nostri Vigneti si contraddistinguono per il "terroir" tipico, ubicati lungo la storica e importante strada Romanica Antica Via Postumia, nota fin dall'antichità per il raffinato pregio dei suoi vini.

Awareness in processing (unique selling proposition)

Awareness in processing (unique selling proposition)

Our value proposition is the production of special exclusive wines "Marca Trevigiana", obtained by a strong commitment together with the acquired and consolidated methods and techniques.